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Neon Flying Squid February 19, 2013

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Need I say more?  With the official discovery of the giant squid in the fairly recent past, squid appear to be taking the Pacific by storm.  When the invasion begins, you can find me somewhere in the middle of Kansas, avoiding water like the plague.  I’m told that squid can’t take over your mind by wrapping themselves around your head, but I’m pretty sure it’s just a conspiracy spread by the squid-controlled government.   FIGHT THE POWER!


Colors for the Colorblind February 12, 2013

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A breakthrough in a US laboratory has produced these amazing glasses, which, while stylish, serve to reduce the effects of colorblindness on men with red-green colorblindness.  By enhancing the differences between red and green, colorblind people can enjoy art and color more, although the glasses are far from perfect, so they aren’t yet practical to wear all the time.  This is still an amazing use of technology to prevent a long-standing problem (it’s difficult to make art or equipment that anyone can understand easily without the use of certain colors, and colorblindness is really common), and I’m glad to see some progress being made in this field.

I also kind of want sunglasses with purple lenses because they look super cool.

Crash Course February 1, 2013

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Crash Course offers videos about Science and World History, taught by a very entertaining pair of professors, Hank and John Green. Over the span of about ten minutes, you receive a complete lesson on a period of history or a scientific region (spanning from Annelids to the Respiratory System). The Biology lessons are great, and the History is even better (the Thought Bubble animations are really cool!). My History teacher has been showing us videos on the Mongols and Romans during class, and they really help establish the key points of each subject without going into the gory details. Crash Course brings humor into both subjects, and each lesson is concise and fun. I’d recommend these videos as supplements for any relevant course, whether as a homework assignment or even as a source for a research topic.

Two-Minute Thesis February 1, 2013

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PHD Comics presents a wonderful Youtube series in Two-Minute Thesis, where grad students from wonderfully different fields describe their wonderfully wacky theses through 2 minutes of description, using both art and language to convey their work.  Not only are these videos quick, entertaining, and fun, but they provide great examples of how to do what you love while still making a great thesis out of it.  There aren’t a lot, but they’re spectacular, give them a look!