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Udacity March 1, 2013

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I took a trip to San Jose over the weekend (strictly business, I assure you) and had the privilege to take a tour of the Udacity offices.  Now, if a nice office is a sign of a successful company, these guys clearly have it made, because that was one of the coolest offices I have ever seen.  They have a fully stocked home kitchen, in office, so their employees can participate in RECREATIONAL COOKING!  They have NERF GUN FIGHTS during LUNCH BREAK!  I will upload some pictures later of the AMAZING PLUSH UNICORN!

…Ahem.  As to their actual company, they offer free educational courses that are all pretty amazing, taught by Stanford professors, the founder of Reddit, and some other guys too I’m sure.  Their lessons are all content-focused, not lecture-focused, so they have a policy that “no single lecture is over 5 minutes long”.  Hallelujah, I say, as I watch my two hour SAT prep video.  AND THEY WERE FOUNDED BY A GOOGLE VP SO THE OFFICE IS AMAZING THIS IS MY DREAM JOB

Udacity also offers paid classes, for AP and thus college credit, but these are still much MUCH cheaper than just about any college class you can find.  Their subjects vary all over the STEM fields, focusing primarily on Computer Science and Mathematics with a side of Physics.  I plan on taking one or two of these classes myself, over this summer.  It’s worth a look!  And their office is basically the coolest thing ever, agh I’m super jealous.



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