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Explore Engineering: Summer Camp at Uconn January 2, 2013

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It’s the dawn of a new year, and what better time to start thinking about summer camps?  Here’s one to consider: the University of Connecticut’s Explore Engineering Program.


I participated in the E2 program during the summer of 2011, and had a great time.  The camp offers the chance to learn about all different disciplines of Engineering, from Electrical Engineering to Chemical Engineering.  I got to meet a lot of other students interested in STEM, and had a taste of living in a college dorm.  Spending a week on campus was a lot of fun, and all the students were friendly and very eager to answer questions about what college life is like.  This camp is a great idea if you’re interested in both learning more about Engineering’s various sub-fields and in getting a taste of the ‘college experience’.

Days at E2 are divided between attending presentations about each discipline, and studying your own field of choice.  At the beginning of the week, each participant chooses a field they want to study, whether Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, or one of the other 6-8 fields (It changes depending on the year).  Each day starts with presentations, usually in the form of a powerpoint and live speaker, from each of the Engineering sub-departments at Uconn, and the afternoon is spent working on the project the UConn website mentions in the link above.  Projects give you a chance to work with students in the engineering field that interests you most, while the presentations teach more about each area of study Uconn has to offer, so you can find the area that you enjoy the most.

UConn’s campus is fairly large and spread out, with a lot of hills and winding roads, so be prepared for a lot of walking.  As of 2011, the dorm E2 participants stayed in was NOT air conditioned, so bring a window fan or similar way to keep cool at night, because Connecticut is still very hot in the middle of summer (~84 degrees F).  Bring food if you want to be popular with the other students.  Free time is plentiful during the evening, and pickup sports games are common, as are poker tournaments and frisbee games on the quad.  The website offers a more complete packing list, but the most important advice I can offer you is to have fun.  You only have one week at this camp- make sure to enjoy it!



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