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Artist sculps dodecahedrons from snow April 5, 2011

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Dan Beyer sculpts dodecahedrons after snowstorms.  But not just any snowstorms- he’s very picky about his snow.  He said that it has to be “just above freezing, after a large snowstorm so the snow is clean, sticks together, packs well, but isn’t soggy” for him to make the perfect dodecahedron.  He piles snow into a mold, then leaves the mysterious polygon sitting there for an unwittting bystander to find and puzzle over.  Beyer says that he’s been attracted to the dodecahedron for years due to its unique shape- a dodecahedron is composed of 12 regular pentagons, and is rarely seen outside of certain dice games.  It’s a very beautiful shape, which is why mathematicians such as Pythagorus have been fascinated by the dodecahedron for centuries.  Beyer hopes to share this fascination with people today through these sculptures.



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